About Us

Six Dots is founded and run by a group of physiotherapists and fitness management professionals consulted and partnered by enthusiastic athletes from various fields.

Meet Our Team
Sundresan A R
Sundresan A R Founder & Director
Sundresan A R
Sundresan A R(Founder & Director)
  • Sports Physiotherapist.
  • Integrated Movement Practitioner.
  • Consultant in sports, fitness and ergonomics for the past 7 years.
  • Public Speaker on Corporate Wellness, Marathon Training and Lifestyle coach for weight loss programmes and Self defence teacher with traditional martial arts practice.
Mega R
Mega R Physiotherapist
Mega R
Mega R (Physiotherapist)
  • Co-Founder.
  • Integrated movement Practitioner.
  • Women's wellness Enhancer(Penmai - pre & post natal programmer).
  • Consultant in fitness,sports, corporate wellness, Acupuncture and neuro rehabilitation.
  • Martial art practitioner & stage performer. (Kalaripayattu)
Rachana Pandey
Rachana Pandey Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Mega R
Rachana Pandey (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)
  • Centre Head - Navalur Six Dots.
  • Women's wellness Enhancer.
  • Specialisation in spine conditions and musculoskeletal sciences.
Rajasekar D
Rajasekar D Certified fitness and Kettle bell trainer
Rajasekar (Fitness Advisor)
Rajasekar (Fitness Advisor)
  • Certified fitness and Kettle bell trainer with experience in sports injury rehabilitation and fitness.
Soumya Physiotherapist
Soumya (Physiotherapist)
  • Specialistation in womens health,neurological conditions and special kids.
Chandiran Integrated Movement Practitioner & Gymnastist
Chandiran (Integrated Movement Practitioner & Gymnastist)
Chandiran (Integrated Movement Practitioner & Gymnastist)
  • Certified fitness, yoga,martial art and gymnastics trainer with experience in sports injury rehabilitation and fitness. Expert in weight loss programmes.
Puviyarasi Woman's Health Enhancer
Puviyarasi (physiotherapist)
  • Specialisation in womens health.
Srinivasan K
Srinivasan K Fitness Advisor
Srinivasan K (Fitness Advisor)
Srinivasan K (Fitness Advisor)
  • Specialisation in functional training with integrated approach of Kalari & Yoga.
A.Senthil kumar
A.Senthil kumar Manager
A.Senthil kumar
A.Senthil kumar(manager)
  • Admin head for Six dots @ Siruseri & Navalur.
  • Carnatic vocal teacher & Martial art practitioner.
Sharad Verma
Sharad Verma Motivational Counselor / Management Consultant
Sharad Verma
Sharad Verma
  • Will help identify, explore and understand better your thoughts and feelings within a confidential setting.
  • It is a collaborative process in which you as the expert in your life, gain greater awareness and find your own answers.
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse / Behavioral Addiction
  • Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • As a Management Consultant, provide Strategic Advisory Services & Governance Development/Operations.