Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

  • Ligament injuries

    Acl,Pcl and ankle ligament injuries can be recovered faster through specific rehabilitation approaches where the muscle strength increases there by facilitating the healing process.

  • Musculoskeletal Surgery Prevention

    Most of the surgeries are preventable if the muscle is strengthened.This programme helps to prevent knee,hip replacement ,back and shoulder surgeries through a set of strengthening and stretching programme that keeps the muscle supple.

  • Special Kid Rehabilitation

    If exercise therapy is done with proper consistency special kids are taken to a phase of total independency and prevention of deformities.

  • Cardiac and Diabetic Rehabilitation

    This approach helps to keep the body in a balanced strength and endurance for preventing and managing the cardiac,hypertension and diabetes through exercises.

  • Geriatric Fitness(Fall prevention)

    Falls play vital role in debilitating geriatric population.We in Six Dots put focus for the elderely with specific strength,endurance,chinese breathing techniques to keep the body energized and balanced.

  • Pre and Post operative rehabilitation

    This program focuses on rehabilitation during fracture healing and post operative rehabilitation for fracture and other surgeries.