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Earth component of the body if not regulated becomes the cause of obesity, indigestion and hernia problems.


When,how and where this component should be taken plays vital role in keeping the body supple and nourished.Water is the elixir of life only if it is taken at right time.


Recovery plays vital role in any sports,training and for any job to function for many years without any ailments.


Fire component of the body if not maintained in optimal level leads to decreased immunity levels,lack of strength and attention for any job.

Life Energy

Called as "Ki" in chinese if gained through all the above four components properly one becomes completely young,energized and focused.How to keep this energy regulation through traditional approaches.


Keeping wrong information in your mind always leads to unwanted fear,diseases getting worsened, Knowledge is power and getting clarity on any health issue makes your disease much simpler to get healed through natural process. Breaking the myths of exercise and how to keep one away from medicine is offered through this programme.