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Root cause of more than 90% of pain is muscular which when addressed at right time, getting better is much easy.We in Six Dots use manual therapy to hit the root cause of any muscular pain and rehabilitate with exercises and life style management. By managing pain at right time many surgeries are avoidable and preventable including Hernia,Knee replacement and back surgeries.


Understanding the nature of the body and its structures helps to correct the structural deviation that happen over years in the body due constant work to only particular zones of the body. We in Six Dots customize exercise as per the nature of your job so that your work does not bring any structural impact over your body through forward neck posture,sagging shoulders and arched back bone.


We in Six Dots use acupuncture to regulate energy crisis in the body and sleep disturbances that are one of the root cause for many diseases. Acupuncture is a chinese medicine which helps to connect the energy meridians of the body in a balanced way to keep the recovery faster.