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Su jok Treatement

We in Six Dots use su jok therapy.Su jok is actually a treatment that massages hands and feet and is used to treat several conditions like bronchitis, asthma, headaches, dizziness, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, diabetes, and also mental disorders like depression etc. Moreover, Sujok is also known to be effective in weight loss.

Each session of Sujok is only of 15 minutes and you may require a total of 16 sessions of Su jok for getting rid of any physical or meta-physical suffering via Su jok.

Anatomical Structure

Hands and feet by anatomical structure possess the most manifest likeness to the human body. This truly mysterious similarity plays and important role, making it possible to realize that other body parts and internal organs also boast their own correspondence systems. They are incorporated by the Homo-system of the human body, which is the inalienable part of the hierarchic Homo-system of the Universe. The Homo-system provides interrelation of all its constituent similar elements, and maintains the harmony and stability of existence. Standard correspondence systems of hands and feet prove to be the most effective and simple ones among all treatment correspondence systems, that’s why they are widely used.

Su jok seed therapy

The possibility of treatment with seeds is interesting not only for medical practitioners but is also of great interest to all people. This fact can be explained by seeds accessibility as therapeutic agents, safety of their application, and high clinical effectiveness.